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Search Engines

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Optimising and Marketing

There are a lot of myths about search engines, but in reality they're not as complicated as you'd think.

Search Engine Optimisation

Search engines want the same as we do, relevant results for whichever search term we type in. And in Google's own words, the best way to achieve this is to design your website for the end user, not the search engines.

After all, you can be 1st place on Google for every search term, but if people can't use your site, then it's pointless.

Google appreciates websites that make life easy for their users, and this is all built into the design process to give your website the best chance possible.

Search Engine Marketing

There are also paid strategies to help promote your website, and Google Adwords is one of the best. Put simply, it allows you to advertise your website whenever a user enters certain search terms. The budget is limited by you, and campaigns can be changed, paused or stopped at any time.

Mix this in with Analytics and you also know exactly what you get for the money you spend.

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