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Having seen their business grow and become successful, Soul Cycles wanted a straightforward website which was easy to use and maintain. They also required good social media integration.


The site was designed with a content management system to allow editing of pages, but also to allow expansion of the functionality of the site as required. But the main function of the site was to display the list of used and new cycles, frames and accessories they have for sale at any particular time. Initially the site was set up with e-commerce functionality which would easily display the products added as a kind of catalogue, and could be extended to full online sales when required.

After further consultation, I suggested that they could either use the website to update their product range or, since their Facebook page was already functioning well and had thousands of followers, it may be easier to create different Facebook albums for different product categories and embed these into the website.

This means that they only have to update their Facebook page, as they had been doing for 3 years, and removes the need to update the website as well, as this feeds automatically from Facebook.

The e-commerce functionality still remains, and can be activated when they feel that they are in a position to trade online.

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